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004 - TSMC e os CPU's 3nm, AMD continua a bater na Intel, 57000 satélites para 2029 e a Linux Kernel 5.8.

Episódio 4
0004 - Week 32.

TSMC 3nm process to commence risk production trial next year

AMD embarrasses Intel with Ryzen 7 HP ProBook 455 G7 running 150 percent faster than the more expensive Core i7 ProBook 450 G7

AMD Big Navi: 5120 stream processors teased for RDNA 2 flagship again

Ampere Altra 1P Server Pictured: GIGABYTE’s 2U with 80 Arm N1 Cores, PCIe 4.0 and CCIX

Amazon just won a huge FCC approval to launch 3,236 Kuiper internet satellites — a $10 billion project that'd compete with SpaceX's emerging Starlink network

Samsung Leak Reveals Exciting Galaxy S21 Smartphone

[Update 2: Fixed] This wallpaper triggers a rare bug causing Android devices to bootloop

[Update: Wear OS Shutdown] Google Play Music is shutting down for everyone in October

Microsoft ‘will discontinue xbox live gold and make multiplayer free’, it’s claimed

PlayStation 5 will support many of your PS4 accessories

Linux Kernel 5.8 “The Biggest Release of All Time” is Finally Available Now

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