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066 - Os novos Intel estão finalmente aqui, primeiras impressões dos novos M1 Pro e Max, o monstro do mining da Nvidia, o Facebook agora é Meta, notch nos smartwatches, não obrigado! PowerToys com novas funcionalidades e malware no Android.

Episódio 66

Intel's Next-Gen Alder Lake Processors Are Officially Here, and Now We Know All the Details (S)

Apple's M1 Pro, M1 Max SoCs Investigated: New Performance and Efficiency Heights (J)

Nvidia's Ampere Cryptomining Monster GPU Goes on Sale for $4,300 (S)

What Is Meta, Exactly? What Facebook's Rebrand Means (J)

Smartwatches will soon have notches thanks to Facebook (S)

Microsoft PowerToys get Windows 11 UI updates, universal mic mute, and find my mouse feature (J)

This New Android Malware Can Gain Root Access to Your Smartphones (S)

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